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a standard device can easily handle a large number of telephone lines and extensions. Another wave was driven by companies, the implementation of new PBX systems wanting to take advantage of new technologies.

Some of the advantages of SIP include: The protocol has extensibility features that facilitate the rapid definition and implementation of new features. VoIP (Voice over IP) concept to implement client access and trunking. Your business should not be left out and the commitment to a VoIP switchboard, today, is essential to be competitive in the market.

First, the theory: what is a VoIP switchboard. But do you know why you should choose a VoIP switchboard? Why you should choose a VoIP switchboard in your business.

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For this and other reasons, it is important to investigate and understand the options and contract of the VoIP provider before subscribing. Finally we leave you a video so you can configure a VoIP phone correctly. There are several companies that offer very low cost free software that you can use for this type of VoIP.

- Computer to Computer: this is undoubtedly the easiest way to use VoIP. VoIP has many positive aspects, but with some problems that can make you stop. Finally, unlike its land line, VoIP does not work without electricity.

Another attack against VoIP is the lack of standards. Another advantage that VoIP provides is portability. Understand that there are different options in VoIP installations, and some will save you more than others.

A small business that is considering the transition to VoIP should carefully weigh its positive side with its negative side before doing so. When it comes to web-based applications, few are more promising than VoIP. In addition, VoIP can be implemented with little investment, it can be an elaborate application designed with your specific needs in mind.

VoIP makes it a little different. Now we will describe in a very simple way to understand some of the technical characteristics of VoIP. What is Telefonia VoIP and how it works.

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5 TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR VOIP PROJECT, John Q. Walker, Jeffrey T. Hicks., Cisco press. VoIP firewalls are complicated to handle and have multiple requirements. The possible delays for VoIP and some sections of ITU Recommendation G.114 are outlined below.

VoIP signaling has 3 different areas: signaling from the PBX to the router, signaling between the router and signaling the router to the PBX. Currently, it is possible to start from a series of elements already available in the market and which, according to different designs, will allow the construction of VoIP applications. Thus, VoIP should be considered as a clarification of h.323, so that in case of conflict, and in order to avoid differences between standards, it was decided that h.323 would have priority over VoIP.

It was decided that h.323 should be the basis of VoIP. For this boom there are other factors, such as the emergence of new applications the definitive commitment to VoIP from manufacturers such as Cisco Systems Nortel-bay Networks. Indicate the way in which signaling is used in VoIP.

Asterisk has incorporated the majority of telephony standards in the market, both traditional (TDM) with the support of analog (FXS and FXO) and ISDN (basic and primary) interface ports, as well as IP telephony (SIP, H.323) , MGCP, SCCP / Skinny). Why does everyone migrate to VoIP now? You cannot have as many features or offer rates as VoIP. What are the reasons?

QoS standards are evolving for VoIP. And the benefits of implementing a VoIP solution are considerable: But first things first: what does VoIP mean?

6. TYPICAL SOLUTIONS BASED ON VOIP. In most cases the savings in fixed costs added to the savings obtained when using VoIP operators is much greater than the renting fee, so enjoying all these advantages comes to your company for 0 euros. And free for the VoIP user ..

The second is that with this infrastructure, the length of the user extension loop, with a 0.5 mm diameter wire, a telephone could be installed up to a kilometer away from where the PBX central system is located. First of all the executive area and the decision makers will be interested in VoIP for their profitability.

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