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The VoIP telephony service allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet through a voice adapter that converts the analog signal of the traditional telephone into digital, so that it can be sent over the broadband connection.

And, voice over IP (VoIP) services allow companies to make calls through the same network they use to access the Internet and email, and at a much lower cost than traditional voice networks. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), unicom telecom service also known as the VoIP telephone service of telephone, digital telephone, telephone, broadband Internet, is a way to make regular telephone calls over a high-speed broadband Internet connection ( for example, such as DSL / Cable) instead of a regular telephone line. Voice over Protoloco Internet (VoIP) is a developing technology that allows voice communications to be transmitted over the Internet over a high-speed connection instead of the traditional telephone network.

As the VoIP system uses the Internet, VoIP solutions aimed at companies have become unified communications services that deal with all communications such as telephone calls, fax service, electronic voicemail, web conferencing and many more services . VoIP, voice over Internet protocol, allows users to make voice calls with a broadband connection instead of a traditional telephone line. unicom telecom With the advancement of communication networks, one of the most booming services at the enterprise level is voice communications over IP technology. Also known as VoIP, its presence in recent years has been increased, gradually removing analog telephony and equipment that were often complex to configure.

In summary, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to the technology and standards that allow phone calls to be made through a data network. VoIP and digital telephony services convert your voice into a digital signal and allow users to make national, long distance and international calls, just like with a traditional telephone line. unicom telecom are free in the sense that they do not cause expenses above those that the Internet service represents, this is the reason for the demand for this technology reducing costs on telephone bills, when using the network of existing data to communicate within the same building using the Intranet, while providing services that traditional telephony cannot offer.


The sending of voice packets in real time using networks that work on the IP protocol is called VoIP (Federal Communications Commission, 2009), which allows communication between two more users who are using the The same Internet network, without requiring any dedicated single cable, that is, it does not need a fixed route and is not limited to the extension of a network. With its VoIP functions, unicom telecom users can save on telephone expenses using traditional land lines of VoIP telephony services with caller ID, call waiting, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way conference calls and voicemail functionality. In addition to the traditional functions of identification of the calling number, concealment of the own number, typical of digital telephony, IP Office brings IP communications with SIP and H323 to the company, allowing the use of IP telephones that reduce wiring needs, thus as the interconnection of several offices with IP Office to make calls over IP at zero cost.

Companies like unicom telecom can use VoIP solutions to have a reliable means of voice-based communications that take advantage of a pre-established Internet connection, allowing calls between workers on the same network and external customer customers. It consists of an Internet link specially designed for the connection of IP Telephone Stations (IP-PBX), which allow call processing and connection of Voice over IP (VoIP) trunks to the IPLAN Telephone Network. VoIPstudio is a company that is responsible for providing VoIP telephony services to companies, and it also has management directly from the cloud, in order to facilitate the configuration of your PBX, and of course, to perform the deployment of the different users that we can create to make the calls.

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