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Finally, for large companies that use many communication channels the appropriate solution would be a combination of both systems, VoIP for remote communications where a computer is not available and WebRTC to improve the channels available and establish communications through of the computer, for example, by implementing WebRTC tools in its web-based applications. Through VoIP, voice and data can be transmitted at the same time, which presents an improvement over traditional telephony.

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IAX: original protocol for communication between Asterisk PBXs (It is a standard for other data communication systems, currently required appointment is in its version 2, IAX2); IP telephony is the telephone service available to the public, therefore with E.164 numbering, performed with VoIP technology. Voice over internet protocol Voice over internet protocol, also called voice over IP, IP voice, VoiceIP VoIP (Voice over IP acronym: 'Voice over IP'), is a set of resources that make it possible for the signal to be Voice travel over the Internet using the IP protocol (Internet Protocol).

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